Colin Jahoda

Dr Jahoda is a developmental/cell biologist with nearly 40 years of research experience in the field of skin and hair follicle biology. He studied for his PhD at Dundee University in Scotland and spent time studying feather development in the laboratory of Professor Philippe Sengel in Grenoble, France. He returned to Dundee and became a Royal Society University Research Fellow, and subsequently, after a brief period there as a lecturer, took up a post at Durham University where he is currently a Professor. In relation to skin appendages, his focus has been on epithelial-mesenchymal interactions, and the cellular and molecular basis of hair follicle development and growth. He was one of the pioneers of hair dermal papilla cell culture and experimental hair follicle induction, and recognized the mesenchymal stem cell-like properties of hair follicle dermal cells. His research has spread into a number of overlapping fields including developmental biology, stem cell biology, dermatology and tissue engineering of skin for therapeutic purposes.