Rubina Alves

Prof Dr. Rubina Alves is a specialist in Dermatology and Venereology and is doctorate in the field of Platelet rich plasma and Trichology, by Universitat Internacional Catalunya, Barcelona. Dr Rubina Alves is a Professor and Coordinator of the International Master of Trichology and Hair Transplant of the Ramon Y Cajal University Hospital of Madrid (since the first edition). She also performed the Master in Anti-Aging Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery, realized in the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain). During the last years, has participate in clinical trials and colaborates as a speaker in her expertize area of Regenerative Medicine. Publications: - Prof. med Rubina Alves has published the book " Clinical indicatons and treatment protocols of Platelet-rich PLasma in Dermatology" in the field of regenerative Medicine. Has several scientific publications both in chapters of Dermatologic books and in relevant journals. Dr Alves is also a Member of Scienti]ic Societies, such as Sociedade Portuguesa de Dermatologia e Venereologia (SPDV), Academia Española de Dermatología y Venereología (AEDV) , International Dermoscopy Society (IDS), Colégio Iberolatinoamericano de Dermatología (CILAD), Grupo Espanhol de Tricología (GET), International Dermoscopy Society.