Regina Betz

My name is Regina Betz. I am Professor of Dermatogenetics at the Institute of Human Genetics at the University of Bonn in Germany. After studying medicine at the University of Saarland and the Karolinska Institute Stockholm, I worked as postdoctoral fellow at the Karolinska Institute Stockholm, and the Universities of Freiburg, Bonn and Antwerp before I started my Emmy Noether young investigator research group in Bonn in 2004. In 2010, I was appointed as Heisenberg Professor for Dermatogenetics in Bonn which became tenure in 2015. The particular research focus of my working group is dermatogenetics, with a main interest in diverse forms of monogenic and genetically complex alopecias and hyperpigmentation disorders. My group is composed of nearly 10 people. Our work, and primarily the elucidation of several disease genes, was rewarded by a number of prizes and awards and is documented in more than 100 publications, among them several publications in high ranking international journals (e.g. Nature Genet., Am J Hum Genet, J Invest Dermatol). I have a board qualification in Human Genetics.