Alex Ginzburg

Dr. Alex Ginzburg is dermatologist since 1982, served on the Board of Directors for the International Society for Dermatology Surgery. FISHRS. He founded and past presided the Israel Society for Dermatological Surgery. Since 1991 Dr. Ginzburg performed more than 7000 hair transplants in Israel. Since 2003 doing the FUE method. He was invited for many doctors in the world to teach hair transplant, he did hair transplant in many countries like India, Rumania, Brasil, Spain, Germany, Panama, Belgium, Paraguay, Korea, Philipines, Turkey, France, Portugal, Italy, South Africa, Dominican Republic and USA. Dr Ginzburg has 89 fellows from all over the world who teach them the art of hair transplant. He regularly attends ( usually as invited guest of faculty) several conferences and workshops. Dr. Ginzburg create the Mediterranean workshop of FUE and with Dr Lorenzo was a Chairman of the last three workshops. Dr Ginzburg is an active member of many professional organizations, including the ISHRS, ISDS, AAD and ISD.